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Welcome to the Independent Investor website. For more than 35 years my professional life has revolved around analysing the financial markets, initially as a journalist on national newspapers (The Times, Independent and Economist), latterly as a qualified investment professional. Aided and abetted by an extensive network of professional contacts, I offer independent insights and help to professional and private investors alike through books, columns and interviews for the Financial Times and Spectator, directorships and consultancy work, and speaking at public/private events. If you don’t know me already, you can find out more from the About link. I would be delighted to add you to my professional circle. Please feel free to join my mailing list (see below) and stay in touch.


Jonathan Davis MSCI, author, columnist and professional investor.

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Join the club

The Investor Reader website I manage is a private, invitation-only network for private and professional investors, to which I contribute a regular diary and updated performance reports on model investment portfolios. The site also features notes on investment topics by a variety of authors, research links and summaries, short Q and As, and periodic market reviews. Members also have a chance to attend events with interesting professional speakers. If you would be like to join or help to grow the network, please contact me by email for further information. The Investment Reader website has more details.


Listen to the pros

Over the last couple of years I have recorded occasional series of podcast interviews with leading professional investors, available on a number of podcast channels (Soundcast, iTunes etc) as well as on the Money Makers and Share Radio websites. Find outing what the likes of Terry Smith, Peter Warburton, John Kay, Sebastian Lyon and other leading investors think about markets now can be useful listening for anyone with a portfolio. Coming soon, in January 2020, will be a new series of podcasts covering important trends and developments of the moment.


My latest book

NEW COVER InvestmenTrustsHandbook20-front (1)

A guide to investment trusts

2017 saw the launch of a new annual publication, The Investment Trusts Handbook, of which I am the editor. The third 2020 edition will be published in early December 2019. Link here. The handbook has 25 contributions from a range of expert commentators, analysts and trust specialists and a 65-page section on how to analyse an investment trust (written by myself). The handbook is available both in hardback and as a free e-book. Contributors include Peter Spiller, Robin Angus, John Newlands, Mark Dampier, James Anderson, John Baron, Sandy Cross and many more. Investment trusts are the preferred medium of choice for many sophisticated and professional fund investors.

And something different....


Teaching bridge in Oxford

For many years I have sharpened my wits and indulged a longstanding passion by playing bridge for high stakes (and occasionally in tournaments). Having recently returned to live in Oxford, I have resolved to give something back to this most profound and satisfying of card games by giving lessons to aspiring players in the Oxford area. I am doing this in partnership with Andrew Robson, well known to afficionados as the bridge correspondent of The Times and England’s leading player and teacher. Teaching groups of intelligent and committed students has also given me an opportunity to revise and update an illustrated guide to bridge (pictured above) which I wrote 20 plus years ago. More about this at the bridge venture’s website (link here).

Latest interviews

Terry Smith

Tracking expert views

I have always found it useful to stay in touch with what smart professional investors are thinking and doing. I am lucky enough to maintain a regular dialogue with a number of fund managers, strategists and media commentators whose work I have come to respect over the years. My most recent interview was with Charles Montanaro, founder of the fund management firm of the same name. Other notable interviewees include  Terry Smith, the CEO of Fundsmith (pictured), veteran investment trust investor Peter Spiller, hedge fund owner Hugh Sloane and small cap specialists Paul Jourdan, Gervais Williams and Chris Hutchinson.  

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