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Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

Welcome to the Independent Investor website. I trust you will find something of interest here, whether that is an event, an article, a book, or information about my private circulation newsletter. For more than 35 years my professional life has revolved around analysing the financial markets, initially as a journalist on national newspapers, latterly as a qualified investment professional. Aided and abetted by an extensive network of professional contacts, I aspire to offer a guiding hand to professional and private investors alike through books, columns and interviews for the Financial Times and Spectator, the newsletter, consultancy work and speaking at public/private events. If you don’t know me already, you can find out more from the About link. I would be delighted to add you to my professional circle. Please feel free to join my mailing list and stay in touch.


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  • Thoughts on the Greece mess

    The moralisers and instant historians have been out in force over the weekend to comment on the unfolding Greek economic crisis.  The IMF, the EU and of course the Greek government have all come in for stick. In reality there is blame a-plenty to go round on all sides. I can't help singling out this comment from an unnamed EU official, quoted in The Times today.  "The deal on the table is so technical to explain that a normal citizen, not people like us, would find it hard to form a view". Nothing could better sum up the arrogance of the EU elite and its chronic desire to deny EU citizens a vote on the development of their grand projet. "Just leave it to us and we will fix it all behind closed doors" - it is has been the leitmotiv of the EU's stance throughout, one that has done nothing but lead it deeper and deeper into the mire.

Speaking events in 2015

In February I gave a three hour seminar for students at Greenwich University on the lessons that investors can learn from great investors such as Warren Buffett, George Soros and Sir John Templeoton, the subject of my latest book. In April I presented a two-hour seminar entitled How To Invest Like Warren Buffett for the How To Academy. In July I organised and chaired a panel event for subscribers to Money Week, at which four leading professional investors gave their views on current market trends and opportunities. In addition I run regular private seminars with leading investors. Follow the link to the Seminars page for more details, or sign up to my mailing list to be kept informed of future events.

Books: analysing professional investors


A new and updated edition of my first book, Money Makers, a study of eight leading professional investors, was released in 2013. In 2012 John Wiley in the United States published Templeton’s Way With Money, a fresh in-depth study of the investment methods of Sir John Templeton, co-authored with Sandy Nairn and timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Templeton’s birth. I have also edited and introduced Professional Investor Rules, a compilation of tips from leading professional investors on how to make money in the stock market (Harriman House 2013). The next project in my pipeline is a second book (after a gap of more than 20 years) about the game of bridge, which remains an absorbing second passion of mine, and a guide to investing in funds online.

Other publications


fundologyIn the past few years Independent Investor has been responsible for publishing or helping to commission a handful of investment titles that merit a wider circulation. These include the historian Edward Chancellor’s prescient study The Coming Credit Crunch? (2006), a stark warning of the looming financial crisis that broke in 2008 (now out of print), Fundology by John Chatfeild-Roberts (2007), a layman’s guide to investing in funds, and Beyond the Internet Bubble, a masterful historical analysis of technology booms and busts through the centuries by my friend and co-author Sandy Nairn. Subscribers to my newsletter The Investment Reader can access a list of my recommended books, publications and websites.